Greetings Beloved Family & Ministry Partners,

Our mission is ....To carry the flame of Azusa to the next generation throughout the Nations!!! 
We believe that the Lord wants us to continue to expand the knowledge of the Azusa Street Mission and
Revival.   Fred & I have been on this God assignment at Azusa Street for over 20 years....
Our prayer is the same,  Lord give us a greater than Azusa Revival in our generation - we want to see your Glory..
Many faithful people have donated $10.00/month or $25.00/month, to send the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. 
We are very grateful to God's people!!! 
We are asking God to give us 100 Revival Partners, a revival partner will donate $25.00/month, pray for the ministry
at Azusa Street Mission, pray for Apostle Fred & Wilma Berry and pray that God will open doors to take Revival meetings to all fifty states in the USA and to the nations. We pledge to pray for you and your family and offer our Revival Partners free VIP seats at AzusaFest and training meetings.
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Azusa Street Mission is a prophetic training center and missions organization with 501c(3) status.
Thank you in advance for your generosity & kindness. We pray God will richly bless you & your family for
your generosity to the work of the Lord.
Several ways to BLESS the Ministry:
  • Please consider giving a monthly donation of $25.00/month, click the donate button
  • Mail donations to Azusa Street Mission, P. O. Box 86321, Los Angeles, CA 90086.
  • You can receive Legal & Identity Theft protection; have access to a lawyer for less than a dollar a day.   Protect your family and the ministry will receive support. Go to
Thank you!!!
Fred & Wilma Berry
 May God's Blessings overtake you according to Deuteronomy 28:2

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