The Seymour Award has been awarded since 2006, during Azusafest, Azusa Street Mission & Historical Society presents the prestigious William J. Seymour Award. The award is given to a senior leader in ministry who exhibits the characteristics of the Lord's humble servant, Bishop William J. Seymour.
Past William Seymour Award Recipients: 

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Dr. Patricia Bailey-Jones, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, Apostle John Eckhardt, Dr. Myles Munroe, Apostle General Sam Korankye-Ankrah, Pastor Jabes de Alencar, Pastor Silas Malafaia, Al Hollingsworth, Lou Engle, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Pastor Bonnie Chavda, Pastor Wm Dwight Mckissic, Pastor Robert Kayanja, Dr. Cecil Mel Robeck, Apostle Ron Hill and Sean Feucht 2021 recipient.